International Indology Graduate Research Symposium

Nina Mirnig nina.mirnig at UNIV.OX.AC.UK
Sat Jun 27 11:08:49 UTC 2009

Dear list members,

The first International Indology Graduate Research Symposium (IIGRS) will be held at Oxford University on 
the 28-29 September 2009 - please find all the information at . The 
Symposium is aimed at current graduate students as well as early stage researchers, that is to say those 
who have completed their last degree within the past five years. The proceedings of the conference will be 
published in a new series entitled “Pu.spikaa: Tracing Ancient India Through Texts and Traditions. 
Contributions to Current Research in Indology”, published by Oxbow Books Press, Oxford.

If you are teaching at an institution, I would be extremely grateful if you could please circulate this 

With best wishes,

Nina Mirnig

Candidate for the D.phil 
University of Oxford

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