a request and an information about Jainism

Pankaj Jain pankaj-jain at UIOWA.EDU
Thu Jan 29 18:57:41 UTC 2009

Dear esteemed scholars,

I am preparing a list of all Jainism courses being taught in North America,
Europe, India, and elsewhere. If you or someone you know has taught a
standalone Jainism course (a full course on Jainism, not as a part of south
asian course), please email me offlist, thanks!

Please note a new website with all the Jain scriptures and thousands of
other Jain books: http://www.JainLibrary.org

There are about 1600 books (Scanned pdf file) on the website.  About 1000
books have very good scan quality and 600 books have average scan quality.
There are about 700,000 pages of information. 


Pankaj Jain, PhD,
Lecturer at North Carolina State University

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