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2009/1/29 Pankaj Jain <pankaj-jain at uiowa.edu>

> Dear esteemed scholars,
> I am preparing a list of all Jainism courses being taught in North America,
> Europe, India, and elsewhere. If you or someone you know has taught a
> standalone Jainism course (a full course on Jainism, not as a part of south
> asian course), please email me offlist, thanks!
> Please note a new website with all the Jain scriptures and thousands of
> other Jain books: http://www.JainLibrary.org <http://www.jainlibrary.org/>
> There are about 1600 books (Scanned pdf file) on the website.  About 1000
> books have very good scan quality and 600 books have average scan quality.
> There are about 700,000 pages of information.
> Best,
> Pankaj
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Pankaj Jain, PhD,
> Lecturer at North Carolina State University
> http://www.indicuniversity.org
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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