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On Jan 21, 2009, at 6:48 PM, Herman Tull wrote:

> I am looking for references to Kali's "lolling" tongue.  The Devi  
> Mahatmya and the Mahabhagavata Purana (thanks to Patricia Dold for  
> references) use forms of /lal + jihva (lalana/lalaj-jihva).  MW  
> cites the Kathasaritsagara as a source of lalaj-jihva.  Does anyone  
> has this citation?  Does this descriptive term ("lolling" tongue)  
> occur in reference to other figures/goddesses?
> Thanks for your help.
> Herman Tull
> Princeton, NJ

Dear Herman, Colleagues,

I believe Rachel Fell McDermott has done work on this. I don't have  
any specific references. I'm not sure if she's on Indology and will  
see this, but if she doesn't respond, try the RISA list. I know she's  
on that. I'm not sure that the following would have any of the  
references you're looking for, but there's also:

Jeffrey Kripal, "Kali's Tongue and Ramakrishna: 'Biting the Tongue' of  
the Tantric Tradition," History of Religions 34/2 (1994).

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