signature verses and cikacika?

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<the word occurs in other philosophical/saastric texts too>
caakcikya 'shine', 'glitter' was an often used Bengali word at least till the fifties, both in literature and dialect. It is still employed sometimes. There was some debate on the correctness of the word with some authors/scholars proposing the correct form as caakacakya. This certainly derives fron cakacaka or cakcak and  caikyacikya from cik(a)cik(a), caakcikya having elements from both. Obviously, the word is of onomatopoeic origin.

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Kindly delete "also" from my first sentence below.

Dear Eli, 

In addition to the useful information supplied by Madhav, pl. note that,
with a slight variation, the word occurs also in other
philosophical/;saastric texts too, particularly where the phenomenon of
perceptual error is discussed (mother of pearl being mistaken for piece of
silver). Its usual form is caakacikya or caakacakya; cf. Hema-candra's
Kaavyaanu; on the verse snigdha-;syaamala
(Parikh-Dhruva edn p. 70. Enlarged Apte records an occurrence of caakacakya
in the Vedaanta-paribhaa.saa without giving a location precisely. Other
dictionaries may also be helpful if you vary the spelling as indicated.


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> The Skt word caikyacikya could possibly be related to what appears in
> as cakcakNe "to shine in a flashy way", the adj cakcakIt
"polished, clean".

> franco at RZ.UNI-LEIPZIG.DE [franco at RZ.UNI-LEIPZIG.DE]

> I came across a most peculiar sounding word in
> Pramaanavaarttikalankaara 334,7, which I can't find in the
> dictionaries: caikyacikya. I assume it is derived from cikacika, and
> it must desribe some color (or shape) (ruupa). Any idea anyone?

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