signature verses and cikacika?

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Some authors offer more explicitly autobiographical information, as well. 
 (Somaananda, c. 900-950, in his _Zivad.r.s.ti_ offers a semi-mythological 
account of his family's genealogy, one recording his family's entry into the 
Kashmir Valley, for example.)  It might be worth considering the relative 
chronology and frequency of both practices.

Also, it has been regularly argued that some authors include verses that 
refer to the patron who commissioned the work in question. 
 (Kālidāsa of course comes to mind.)  Is  this a practice that 
precedes that of including signature verses?

Finally, I find Sheldon Pollock's "Mimamsa and the Problem of History in 
Traditional India," _JAOS_ 109.4(Oct-Dec 1989): 603-10 relevant to the 
consideration of the anonymity and/or historicity of authors of Sanskrit 
works.  Perhaps others do as well...

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