signature verses and cikacika?

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Wed Feb 25 17:17:35 UTC 2009

Kindly delete "also" from my first sentence below.

Dear Eli, 

In addition to the useful information supplied by Madhav, pl. note that,
with a slight variation, the word occurs also in other
philosophical/;saastric texts too, particularly where the phenomenon of
perceptual error is discussed (mother of pearl being mistaken for piece of
silver). Its usual form is caakacikya or caakacakya; cf. Hema-candra's
Kaavyaanu; on the verse snigdha-;syaamala
(Parikh-Dhruva edn p. 70. Enlarged Apte records an occurrence of caakacakya
in the Vedaanta-paribhaa.saa without giving a location precisely. Other
dictionaries may also be helpful if you vary the spelling as indicated.


On 09/05/24 7:19 AM, "Deshpande, Madhav" <mmdesh at UMICH.EDU> wrote:

> The Skt word caikyacikya could possibly be related to what appears in Marathi
> as cakcakNe "to shine in a flashy way", the adj cakcakIt "polished, clean".

> franco at RZ.UNI-LEIPZIG.DE [franco at RZ.UNI-LEIPZIG.DE]

> I came across a most peculiar sounding word in
> Pramaanavaarttikalankaara 334,7, which I can't find in the
> dictionaries: caikyacikya. I assume it is derived from cikacika, and
> it must desribe some color (or shape) (ruupa). Any idea anyone?

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