Alexandra Vandergeer geeraae at GEOL.UOA.GR
Tue Feb 17 13:42:11 UTC 2009

Thanks, Dipak, for your intensive reply to my humble question!

> A few hours' intensive work with Grassmann's Woerterbuch zum RigvedaΒ may
> give a picture of the Rgveda regarding frequency. Grassmann also notes
the > immediately related words. AsΒ a source material more spread out
in time
> and space (and notΒ informing the context) will be the VVRI Sa.mhitaa
> IndexΒ The task too willΒ be more time consuming with it. I have no access
> to the new index by A.Lubotsky'sΒ and cannot tell how far and whether at
> all it develops upon Grassmann.
> Kuiper gives some statistics ofΒ words of non-Vedic origin in Aryans in
> the Rigveda, 1991, AmsterdamΒ selectively but with precision, and
> obviously, often without reference toΒ the parts of speech or context.
> Hoffmann had the habit of giving statistics relating to the words he dealt
[etc etc]
> All the statistically surveying studies known to me are mostly specific
on > meaning, form, mytheme etc and many belong to the level of
> ButΒ studies dealing with various parts of speech should exist
> DB

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