Alexandra Vandergeer geeraae at GEOL.UOA.GR
Tue Feb 17 13:39:05 UTC 2009

Naturally, but the same is valid for present-day English. Frequency lists
are based on a wide spectrum, including newspapers, books, literature,
spoken language, but not necessarily poems. In the case of Skt, I'd expect
epics, philosophical texts in the broadest sense, shastras, [Buddhist
texts not, likely derived from Pali] to give a reasonable sample of the
Sanskrit language as is.

And I agree with Jonathan that the lexicon suggested by Himal is likely a
'useful' vocabulary to read avarage Skt texts. Anyway, thanks Himal for
the suggestion.

Alexandra van der Geer

> I am not sure whether the question is even meaningful for classical
> Sanskrit. Frequency where? In Epic literature? In philosophical
> literature? In dharmasaastra or Buddhist texts? Each genre has its own
> special vocabulary, and its own frequencies.
> Best wishes
> EF

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