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A few hours' intensive work with Grassmann's Woerterbuch zum Rigveda may give a picture of the Rgveda regarding frequency. Grassmann also notes the immediately related words. As a source material more spread out in time and space (and not informing the context) will be the VVRI Sa.mhitaa Index The task too will be more time consuming with it. I have no access to the new index by A.Lubotsky's and cannot tell how far and whether at all it develops upon Grassmann.
Kuiper gives some statistics of words of non-Vedic origin in Aryans in the Rigveda, 1991, Amsterdam selectively but with precision, and obviously, often without reference to the parts of speech or context. Hoffmann had the habit of giving statistics relating to the words he dealt with. The statistics of the adverbial and nominal use with full and comparative account of the circumstances of occurrence of angiras and angirasva(n)t in the Rgveda was dealt with in Mythological and ritual symbolism, Calcutta 1984. Statistics of the function and employment of the ablative with pronominals in the Rgveda and Atharvaveda may be found in 'The Veds Texts, Language and Ritual' Groningen 2004: 181--215. Unfortunately I have not access to  most of the works of T.Elizarenkova but her 'An approach to the description of the contents of the Rgveda'(Mélanges d'indianisme a l mémoire de Louis Renou) is an imaginative ground work on which a part of the desired
 type of statistics can be attempted. Gonda (Epithets in the Rgveda) evaluates the epithets more qualitatively than quantitatively but it can be used for the desired purpose.  
All the statistically surveying studies known to me are mostly specific on meaning, form, mytheme etc and many belong to the level of text-study. But studies dealing with various parts of speech should exist
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Dear Sanskritists,

Did anyone ever compile a frequency list of Sanskrit nouns, verbs and
adjectives in terms of use per 1000 lemmas?

Alexandra van der Geer

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