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Sat Aug 29 02:37:03 UTC 2009

Hello Jarrod,

On Fri, Aug 28, 2009 at 07:47:19PM -0400, Jarrod L Whitaker wrote:
> I have narrowed the problem of spacing down to vocalic "r" and many  
> (long) accented vowels (aa', uu', r.', etc.). The problem occurs when I  
> type the characters with shortcut keys in Word 2007. My best guess is  
> that somehow the documents I am working on have been changed in the  
> Style sheet. Anyway, 50% of the time when I enter one of these  
> characters I get too much of a space (e.g., "Rgveda " with vocalic "r"  
> will look like "R gveda"; that is with too much a space). When I delete  
> it and retype it, the word correctly displays. However I am having a  
> hell of a time with "m" with chandrabindu. It just won't give up the  
> space (e.g., in "mahaa' m." with final chandrabindu). Anyway, if anyone  
> can help with both of these issues I would be eternally grateful. 1/  
> Character spacing/typing issues; 2/ print spacing, losing characters.

Just a random thought -- though hopefully not completely off the mark
... is it possible that what you're seeing here has something to do
with unicode character normalisation, i.e., that r underdot, say, or a
macron &c. are being displayed by Vista in their `decomposed' form,
rather than as combining characters. For background on all this please

 Unicode Standard Annex #15 :: Unicode Normalization Forms

And possibly:

 Charlint - A Character Normalization Tool

Admittedly nothing more than a stab in the dark but ...

Kind regards,


> Sorry for the second message
> Dear List:
> I have just started experiencing some problems with character spacing  
> when I print to various printers on VISTA Office 2007. I use Titus  
> Cyberbit Basic Font, which I have had no problems to date. Essentially I  
> am getting a separation of characters by a open blank space (esp. with  
> vocalic "r" (r with open circle underneath), and many long accented  
> vowels). I also have a problem with some characters just dropping  
> out/disappearing from the page when printed (random characters in both  
> Sanskrit and English, but all in Titus Cyberbit Basic). I just upgraded  
> to a new computer with VISTA and Office 2007. Is any one else  
> experiencing this problem? Thoughts? Is it a problems with new VISTA  
> printer drivers? Office 2007?
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