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Sorry for being fuzzy earlier. My comments WERE apropos Word and I
should have written "Tools/Options/Compatability". Within that dialog,
it's the "Reccomended Options for:" drop-down box that gives you the
different choices. The unicode font within a document has worked fine
for me in Word as long as that document is set to have compatability
with Word 2000 or later. Older documents not so set have font spacing
problems.  Best, Jim 

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Hi Jarrod,

When I first switched to Unicode years ago (using MS's own Arial Unicode
font) while using Windows 2000 and probably Word 2000 I had a similar
problem, even with on-screen display. Someone instructed me to go to
"Tools/Compatibility" and ensure compatability with Office 2000 was set.
This may not help you at all today, but this "compatability" variable
was something I had never encountered and still have never seen much
mention of in general discussions. It solved my problems then and I must
resort to it very now and then, when opening old .doc files, some .rtfs,
etc. But as I said, in my cases the extra spacing showed up/shows up on
the screen as well as in print.

All the best, Jim

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Subject: Font/Print Problems

Dear List:
I have just started experiencing some problems with character spacing
when I print to various printers on VISTA Office 2007. I use Titus
Cyberbit Basic Font, which I have had no problems to date. Essentially I
am getting a separation of characters by a open blank space (esp. with
vocalic "r" (r with open circle underneath), and many long accented
vowels). I also have a problem with some characters just dropping
out/disappearing from the page when printed (random characters in both
Sanskrit and English, but all in Titus Cyberbit Basic). I just upgraded
to a new computer with VISTA and Office 2007. Is any one else
experiencing this problem? Thoughts? Is it a problems with new VISTA
printer drivers? Office 2007?


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