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Hi Jarrod,

When I first switched to Unicode years ago (using MS's own Arial Unicode
font) while using Windows 2000 and probably Word 2000 I had a similar
problem, even with on-screen display. Someone instructed me to go to
"Tools/Compatibility" and ensure compatability with Office 2000 was set.
This may not help you at all today, but this "compatability" variable
was something I had never encountered and still have never seen much
mention of in general discussions. It solved my problems then and I must
resort to it very now and then, when opening old .doc files, some .rtfs,
etc. But as I said, in my cases the extra spacing showed up/shows up on
the screen as well as in print.

All the best, Jim

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Dear List:
I have just started experiencing some problems with character spacing
when I print to various printers on VISTA Office 2007. I use Titus
Cyberbit Basic Font, which I have had no problems to date. Essentially I
am getting a separation of characters by a open blank space (esp. with
vocalic "r" (r with open circle underneath), and many long accented
vowels). I also have a problem with some characters just dropping
out/disappearing from the page when printed (random characters in both
Sanskrit and English, but all in Titus Cyberbit Basic). I just upgraded
to a new computer with VISTA and Office 2007. Is any one else
experiencing this problem? Thoughts? Is it a problems with new VISTA
printer drivers? Office 2007?


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