ZDMG articles downloadable as single files

Lubin, Tim lubint at WLU.EDU
Sun Aug 23 09:10:02 UTC 2009

Interrupted downloads were indeed the problem.  (Downloading from India, so it may be a problem on my end, although I have not been having this problem with other sites.)  I am having success now with Down Them All for Firefox.   Thanks for the tips.

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On Sat, Aug 22, 2009 at 06:28:13PM -0400, Dan Lusthaus wrote:

> I believe the problem is not related to versions of Adobe, since I am
> even able to read them in Adobe 6. The problem is the slow server speed
> feedling the pdfs. The first few articles I tried to download also were
> broken and unreadable.
> To test whether that is case, look at the size (in k or MBs) of the file
> you are trying to download, and then look at the size of what you have
> downloaded. If the one on your computer is smaller, you've downloaded an
> incomplete file which won't open.
> The server is sending them at such a slow rate, that downloads terminate,
> without warning or error message, prematurely. That can only be cured by
> faster server speed on the ZDMG end.

If the Halle servers are indeed suffering from inadequate bandwidth
&c. then it might help to use a dedicated download manager rather than
one's web browser to get hold of the material. I've found Sun
Microsystems' `Download Manager' useful (it can also automatically
unzip archives after the download):

 Sun Download Manager 2.0 :: Download

This application is free and runs on any system with Java installed on
it. Reasonably exhaustive instructions are available here:

 Sun Download Manager 2.0 :: Help

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