ZDMG articles downloadable as single files

Dan Lusthaus vasubandhu at EARTHLINK.NET
Sat Aug 22 22:28:13 UTC 2009

I believe the problem is not related to versions of Adobe, since I am even 
able to read them in Adobe 6. The problem is the slow server speed feedling 
the pdfs. The first few articles I tried to download also were broken and 

To test whether that is case, look at the size (in k or MBs) of the file you 
are trying to download, and then look at the size of what you have 
downloaded. If the one on your computer is smaller, you've downloaded an 
incomplete file which won't open.

The server is sending them at such a slow rate, that downloads terminate, 
without warning or error message, prematurely. That can only be cured by 
faster server speed on the ZDMG end.

An intermediate work-around, which worked for me, is to go the page where a 
small facimile of the first page of the article appears; on the left, under 
download, is a link to the PDF. Instead of right clicking and saving the 
link, just click the box and let the file be downloaded that way -- it has 
less tendency to break off before completing. And then compare the size of 
the file with the file size mentioned in the box. To be sure, try opening 
the file.

Hope that helps.

Dan Lusthaus 

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