Mahabhasya now available in Intratext version

Dan Lusthaus vasubandhu at EARTHLINK.NET
Tue May 6 23:14:27 UTC 2008

It would appear that someone has mucked with the coding since yesterday.
After Dominic's posting, I checked the site, and everything worked well. The
passages, concordance, the alphabetical options at the top of the
concordance pages, etc. The title Mahabhasya was in plain text, without
diacriticals, but everything else appeared properly in utf-8 unicode
(without having to reset anything).

After the postings today, I revisited the site. Mahabhasya in the logo-title
is no longer in plain text, but mis-coded, as per Peter Wyzlic's message,
and the encoding of the text itself now follows the same aberrant encoding.

Whoever played with the site's settings needs to put things back the way
they were yesterday.

Dan Lusthaus

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