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Richard MAHONEY r.mahoney at ICONZ.CO.NZ
Mon Jul 21 23:21:05 UTC 2008

[Apologies for cross posting]

Dear Colleagues,

I have received a number of queries from would-be-users of the new DICT
Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary. Some of you have been
having trouble installing the DICT server, client and Monier-Williams
database on your MS Windows machines.[*]

In this mail I will show how you can get `up and running' in as little
time as possible. Although the instructions below are written with
Windows users in mind, they are equally applicable to anyone, no matter
what computer platform you use -- Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac ...  All
that matters is that your computer should support Java.


1.) Download and install the Java application `jDictionary':

Windows users need: either `jdictionary-1_8-win-jre.exe' (incl. Java
Runtime Environment v1.4 (JRE))
                    or  `jdictionary-1_8-win.exe' (does _not_ incl. JRE

UNIX(-like) users need: `'

2.) Start `jDictionary'

3.) From the Top Menu select:

 >> Plugins >> Download & Install Plugins

4.) From Right Hand Side Window select:

 >> SMART Online English Dictionary & Lexicon

and press:

 >> Download & Install (168KB)

5.) From Left Hand Side Window select:

 >> SMART Lexicon Online

6.) From Right Hand Side Window select:

 >> `Preferences' tab

and alter `Network Settings' to:

 >> DICT Server:

 >> DICT Port: 2629

and press:

 >> `Apply Changes' button

You will now be connected to the Indica et Buddhica DICT server, with
all databases available for searching.

7.) From Right Hand Side Window select:

 >> `Lexicon' tab

to begin searching the Indica et Buddhica DICT databases. (Initially
one might like to try to search for say `bodhi' using the `Match' and
`Define' buttons at the Top Right Hand Side.)


Kind regards,

 Richard MAHONEY

[*] The trouble being experienced by Windows users is not surprising.
While it is _relatively_ simple for users of UNIX or UNIX-like systems
-- e.g. of on Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OSX &c. -- to install the
DICT server, client and Monier-Williams database on their personal
machines or servers, MS Windows presents something of a challenge. For
general installation details please see `DICT-README.txt' attached to
the tail end of this page:

 New DICT Monier-Williams Dictionary available for download

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