Etymology of Bali, PiNDa

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 sanskrit bali means  sacrifice  and pinda   means body.
praNa ( life)  resides in  pinda( body).

On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 1:08 AM, George Hart <glhart at> wrote:
> Two words that occur fairly commonly in early Tamil are pali (Skt. bali) and
> piNTam (Skt. piNDa).  Both of these seem associated with local practices --
> not the sort of Vedic or Hindu religion mostly borrowed from the North.
>  Neither seems to have an IE origin.  Turner thinks bali might be connected
> with the word for "strength" and he says piNDa, because of its many forms,
> is apparently a borrowing.  Neither of these words is in the DED, and
> apparently Emeneau and Burrouw didn't think they were Dravidian.  I don't
> have Mayrhofer at hand.  Is there anything further to be said about these
> words?  If they are borrowed (from Dravidian?), it would indicate that the
> Vedic Aryans took some of the important elements of their religion from
> non-Aryans.  I would note that, unlike bali, piNTa does have a plausible
> Dravidian etymology (DED 4183 -- piRi, squeeze; piNTi, oilcake; the root is
> even in Brahui).  George Hart

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