Bows in ancient India

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> The bow string, when released, often hits the inside of the bowman's
> left wrist (if he is right-handed), forming callosity there. Such "wounds" add
> to the picture of the fierce bowman.

The callosity is usually referred to with the word joined to jyaa or

Abhij;naana-;sakuntala 1.13: j;naasyasi kiyad bhujo me rak.sati
maurvii-ki.naa:nka iti

Raghu-va.m;sa 16.84:;nchanena

Raghu-va.m;sa 18.47/48: ...;nchanena ... tasya
bhujena bhuumi.h. A variant for abaddha is alabdha.

Giita-govinda 1.2/6 (  is
inapplicable to the present context

Enlarged Apte also records M.rcchaka.tika 2.11 as containing an occurrence
of, which I cannot verify at present.

The same source, under jyaa, (p. 745) records as the
word for the handguard used by the archers.

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