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Other volumes now released by the Verlag der Weltreligionen include:

2. Michael von Brück, Bhagavadgita (E. 30)

(Transl. with extensive commentary that includes both the reception  
of the text in India as well as in the West.

3. Michael Hahn, Vom rechten Leben. Buddhistische Lehren aus Indien  
und Tibet

(E. 30)

(A collection of central teachings of Buddhism from Udanavarga, etc.)

4.   Augustinus: Confessiones (E. 30)

5.   Mischna. Seder Mo'ed  (E. 30)

(On Jewish festivals, the second volume of the Mishna)

6.   al-Nawawi: Vierzig Hadithe. Kitab al-Arba'in (E.  32) With the  
commentary of Ibn al-'Id.

(40 selected, popular  sayings of the prophet Muhammad)

See: <>


A parallel series of introductions includes, among others:

* Michael v. Brück, Einführung in den Buddhismus (E 24.80)

           * Michael Krupp, Einführung in die Mischna  (E. 17.80)


Further, the second parallel series of essay and study volumes  
includes titles such as:

        * P. Sloterdijk, Gottes Eifer: vom Kampf der drei  
Weltreligionen (E 17.80)

	(Discussion of the conflicts between the three Abrahamic  
monotheistic religions).

* Michael Hochgeschwender: Amerikanische Religion: Evangekalismus,  
Pfingstlertum und Fundamentalismus  (E 19.80)

        (Discussion of American religious movements during the past  
200 years or so).

        etc. etc.

About 15 vols. are to appear each year.

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