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Last week, at the Frankfurt Book Fair (Oct. 10, 2007), the new
publishing house for world religions has released  a number of books
that are relevant to our common interest.

(This is the new Verlag der Weltreligionen, a division of  Insel /
Suhrkamp / Jüdischer Verlag / Deutscher Klassiker Verlag, at Frankfurt.)

1. The first new translation of the Rgveda since K.F. Geldner
completed his own some 80 years ago (Harvard Oriental Series  33-36):

Rig-Veda. Das heilige Wissen. Erster und zweiter Liederkreis (Verlag
der Weltreligionen) von Michael Witzel und Toshifumi Goto (Gebundene
Ausgabe - September 2007), pp. 889,  Euro 32.

(Insiders know that L. Renou's incomplete French translation,
serially published in his Etudes védiques et paninéennes, and the
late T. Elizarenkova's into Russian heavily depend on Geldner.
Renou's  frequently even is a translation of Geldner's German

See:  <>

The first volume of four (to be released over the next 3 years)
comprises Mandalas 1-2, with introduction, detailed commentary,

Authors are:  M. Witzel  (Harvard U.) and  T. Goto  (Tohoku U.,
Japan), in collaboration with E. Doyama (Osaka U., Japan) and M.
Jezic (Zagreb U., Croatia)

See also:  <>


The Rgveda volume as well as the other new translations each have
an extensive commentary that bring text, translation  and  scholarly
discussion up to date.

For the other vols. see next msg.

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