bhAgavatapurANa - translation question - what does zUla mean?

McComas Taylor mccomas.taylor at ANU.EDU.AU
Mon Jun 25 02:49:58 UTC 2007

Dear colleagues

The description of the Kali yuga in BhP (0.1.36, paNDita-pustakAlaya 
ed.) states that:

aTTazUlA janapadAH zivazUlA dvijAtayaH . kAminyaH kezazUlinyaH 
sambhavanti kalAviha

Tagare's translation says 'In this Kali age, the country will be full of 
people who sell food, BrAhmaNas, selling the Vedas and women living by 
prostitution' (lxxv).

Can anyone help me get 'selling food' out of aTTazUla, 'selling Vedas' 
out of zivazUla and 'prostitution/selling hair' out of kezazUla?

thanks in advance


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