AW: bhAgavatapurANa - translation question - what does zUla mean?

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Dear Colleague,
The stanza, of which Dr. McComas Taylor gives his transcription, is the 36th
of the first Adhyaaya, called Bhaktinaaradasamaagama, of the
Bhaagavatamaahaatmya, i.e. BhaaM I 36. The oldest variant of this floating
stanza (further parallels in EDS II/865a) seems to be Mahaabhaarata (MBh)
III 186,36:
		a.t.ta;suulaa janapadaa.h, ;siva;suulaa;s catu.spathaa.h /
		ke;sa;sulaa.h striyo raajan, bhavi.syanti yugak.saye //,
of which van Buitenen (p. 587) gives the following translation (being worth
its name): "At the end of the Eon the countryside will bristle with towers,
the crossroads with jackals, the women with hair, O king".
Best wishes

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Dear Professor: 
Can you said me from what book or canto is this quote?
Thanks very much.
Horacio Francisco Arganis-Juarez

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> Dear colleagues 
> The description of the Kali yuga in BhP (0.1.36, paNDita-pustakAlaya 
> ed.) states that: 
> aTTazUlA janapadAH zivazUlA dvijAtayaH . kAminyaH kezazUlinyaH 
> sambhavanti kalAviha 
> Tagare's translation says 'In this Kali age, the country will be full of 
> people who sell food, BrAhmaNas, selling the Vedas and women living by 
> prostitution' (lxxv). 
> Can anyone help me get 'selling food' out of aTTazUla, 'selling Vedas' 
> out of zivazUla and 'prostitution/selling hair' out of kezazUla? 
> thanks in advance 
> McComas 
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