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May I hazard a speculation upon the wording as reported by Himal Trikha?

The Laak.saasuukta of the Atharvaveda (;Saunakasa.mhitaa 5.5 /  
Paippalaadasa.mhitaa 6.4) contains a stanza (also attested  
as .Rgvedakhila 4.7.5), whose Paippalaada version I have edited and  
translated as follows in my thesis:

bhadraa plak.se *ni ti.s.thasy a;svatthe khadire dhave |
bhadraa nyagrodhe par.ne saa na ehy arundhati ||

Gracious you reside on the Plak.sa, on the A"vsattha, on the Khadira,  
onthe Dhava, gracious on the Nyagrodha, on the Par.na: so come to us,  

This suukta contains a forms of and paronomastic reference to the  
verb aa-ruh: repeated forms of arundhatii-, aa rohasi in ;SS 5.5.3a /  
PS 6.4.5a: v.rk.sa.mv.r.k.sam aa rohasi.

This material contained in the Laak.saasuukta at least speaks for an  
association in Sanskritic culture of the lac-insect (here also called  
Arundhatii) with climbing on host-trees (v.rk.sam aa-ruh), one of  
which is the dhava-. It appears to me that this may have some  
relevance to Vidyaanandin's choice of words, if dhavii- is indeed =  

Arlo Griffiths

On Aug 24, 2007, at 4:29 AM, Ashok Aklujkar wrote:

> I try not to emend texts, but in the case of the text you have  
> cited I have
> a strong suspicion that the original of dhavIm was padavIm, 'path,'
> contextually frequently meaning 'level, status'. Pl check the mss.
> ashok aklujkar
> On 8/23/07 6:51 PM, "Himal Trikha" <himal.trikha at UNIVIE.AC.AT> wrote:
>> a passage in the SatyazAsanaparIkSA, a
>> text of the Jain author Vidyanandin, that states with regard to the
>> anekAntazAsana, i.e. "Jain philosophy":
>> tad eva satyazAsanadhavIm AroDhum ISTe.
>> So far I translate:
>> "This (anekantazAsana) alone is able to rise up to (being) the  
>> possessor
>> of the true doctrine."

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