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Chris Haskett chrishaskett at YAHOO.COM
Tue Aug 7 03:55:15 UTC 2007

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Dear All-
 I have been directed to an article in Hindi by "Bhandarkar" which is supposed to put forth the argument that the admissions of wrongdoing on the part of the king in the A"sokan rock edicts are in keeping with Jain and/or Buddhist monastic formulae.
 I am fairly certain this is going to be by DR Bhandarkar (1875-1950) but Aacaarya-vandanaa (1984), his 'birth centenary volume,' gives only his English language writings in the bibliography.  He doesn't appear to cite the article in his book on A"soka either.
 Does anyone know where I might find this article, or have any notion as to how to go about the next steps in looking for it?  
 With my many thanks,
 Chris Haskett
 PhD cand., LCA, UW-Madison
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