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 Dear colleagues,

The chapter "The Satiric Doodlebug: Astrologers Astray" on pages 181-186 in Lee Siegel: Laughing Matters (reprint of the 1. ed. Chicago 1987), Delhi etc.: Motilal Banarsidass, 1989, refers to a number of satiric depictions of astrologers in Niilaka.n.tha Diik.sita's Kalivi.dambana, Somedeva's Kathaasaritsaagara, Ve;nka.taadhvarin's Vi"svagu.naadar"sa, K.semendra's Kalaavilaasa, his Narmamaala, and in Jagadii"svara's Haasyaar.nava. 

Siegel mentions a supposedly wise astrologer in the Kalaavilaasa, who is "so busy 'calculating astrological forecasts by examining the position of the moon and the planets in the heavens, that he does not realize that his wife is balling every creep in town' (Kalaavilaasa 9.6)".


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> Dear Matthew,
> The source of the Tibetan quotation is certainly stanza 71 of the Shes
> rab sdong bu or Prajnadanda (wrongly) attributed tonNagarjuna. It runs
> as follows:
> mkha' la skar mkhan dag gis rtsis byas na ||
> zla ba dang ni skar ma'i lam rnams shes ||
> khyim na mi dang khyim thab log pa dag ||
> sna tshogs spyod pa de ni mthong ma gyur || 71 ||
> For the Shes rab sdong bu or Prajnadanda see my papers "Notes on
> Buddhist Sanskrit Literature. Chronology and related topics" and "Cry
> for Help." (Details in the bibliography on my home page)
> The stanza occurs also as stanzas 76 of the Gathasataka of Vararuci
> (available only in its canonical Tibetan translation). The only Sanskrit
> source I know is the much later Subhasitavali of Vallabhadeva, stanza
> 2302.
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