Critical Edition of Bhagavata Purana

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UCL.AC.UK
Tue Oct 3 15:52:35 UTC 2006

Biblia Impex has been mentioned several times in this discussion.  Many 
years ago, I used to use them.  They are a dynamic company, and probably 
good booksellers.  However, during a visit to their premises in Delhi some 
years ago, I was shocked to experience a conversation in which the senior 
staff of the company were expressing ideas of the most extreme Hindu 
fundamentalist type concerning Islam in India, Aryan Homeland theory, and 
so forth.  The conversation was deeply unpleasant, and - on their side - 
very loud (shouting) and very angry.  After that, I no longer used their 

Subsequently, I noticed that BI owns Aditya Prakashan, a press that 
publishes inflammatory revisionist works on Indian history and culture. 
The blurb on an Aditya Prakashan book by KS Lal, for example, says:
   "The present volume provides a thorough analysis as to what irreparable
   damage has been done to this country by the Muslim rule of a thousand
   years."  (this is on Biblia Impex's website today).

Another of Lal's volumes with Aditya Prakashan announces that:

  "Opening a new vista, what this work is about is contrary to modern-day
  make-believe, there is no evidence to show that the lower classes
  suffered from the tyranny of the Hindu upper classes
  in the medieval period. The case being exactly opposite,
  throughout the medieval period, the lower
  castes fought shoulder to shoulder with the upper castes against the
  foreign invaders and tyrannical rulers. Present study is only a beginning
  in this direction, based for the most part on medieval Muslim

It is Aditya Prakashan that publishes the works of Talageri and Rajaram, 
Konraad Elst, David Frawley, and others with concordant views.  These are 
listed by Aditya P. under "Ancient Indian History".

Dominik Wujastyk

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