'Hindu' stamp - correction

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Is there a picture of the stamp available somewhere?


Dean Anderson

On 3/11/06, Valerie J Roebuck <vjroebuck at macunlimited.net> wrote:
> Correction: the words I have attributed to Kallidai may not be his.
> They are part of a general summary of the opinions who those who do
> not like the stamp.
> Valerie J Roebuck
> At 1:52 pm +0000 11/3/06, Valerie J Roebuck wrote:
> >I have just been asked a question about a controversy that has
> >persisted since last November, and wonder whether anyone on this
> >list may be able to help.  The matter concerned last year's UK
> >Christmas stamps, which showed six different representations of the
> >Madonna and Child, all intended to be from different cultures:
> >...According to Kallidai, 'The image features a man with a "tilak"
> >marking on his forehead, identifying him as a Vaishnava Hindu, while
> >the woman has the traditional "kumkum" mark on her forehead
> >identifying her as a married Hindu woman.'

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