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> Does anybody know a sm.rti digest under this title? I 
>find a  reference without any further bibliographic 
>reference to a passage  from p. 4 of the unspecified 
>edition: [...]

One of the printed catalogues of the Sanskrit works in the 
British Museum (aka British Library) lists an edition of a 
work named Panditasarvasva in Oriya characters:

[Panditasarvasva. A work on Hindu law. Ed. with an Oriya 
translation by Mahendra Deva, Maharaja of Athmallik]. pp. 
372, 8. Cuttack, 1897. 8°
Shelfmark no.: 14038. d. 36 [the compilator of the 
catalogue, i.e. L. D. Barnett, adds: "This is perhaps the 
Panditasarvasva ascribed to Halayudha".]
See L. D. Barnett: A supplementary catalogue of Sanskrit, 
Pali, and Prakrit books in the Library of the British 
Museum. London, 1908, col. 449, s.v. Panditasarvasva

Hope it helps

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