Form of Visnu as guru

Srinivasa Varakhedi nlpdept at YAHOO.CO.IN
Sat Jun 3 14:00:21 UTC 2006

  In Madhva Sampradaaya, it is believed that Sri Veadavyasa is guru of all gurus, who is incarnation of Vishnu. Madhvacharya explains this in his Anuvyakhyana (in the intial slokas)

Jenni Cover <jenni.cover at URNET.COM.AU> wrote:

Daksinamurti is the form of Siva as guru. Can anyone please enlighten me
about a form (murti) of Visnu as guru? Is there a particular sampradaya that
worships Visnu in this form? Are there any good books/papers/web-sites etc.
on this subject?

Jenni Cover
PhD Student
University of Sydney

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