Question re: Niscaladasa and/or Dadu Mahashay

Prem Pahlajrai prem at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Sun Jun 4 00:51:42 UTC 2006

Dear Indologists, particularly those familiar with Delhi & Kashi,

I am studying the works of Ni'scaladAsa, a late 19th century advaita 
scholar and author of the V.rttiprabhAkara and VicArasAgara. I recently 
came across a reference in the latter work where the author states the 
the text was completed in a village by the name of Kiha.dauli, 18 kos 
west of Delhi. A possible alternate name may be Kehrowli. An 
introduction to a 1962 edition of this work states that Ni'scaladasa's 
guru, DAdU MahA'saya lived in this village and that there is still a 
lineage ('si.sya-'sAkhA) functioning there.

I will be in India this summer and am hoping to visit this village, if I 
can find it. Has anyone heard of it, or of this lineage?

Ni'scaladAsa is also said to have been active in Varanasi, and Ramsimha 
Raja of Bundi was a patron of his. I'd appreciate any leads in this 

Thank you,

Prem Pahlajrai
PhD student
University of Washington,
Seattle USA

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