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Tony K. Stewart tony_stewart at NCSU.EDU
Sun Jan 29 13:33:41 UTC 2006

Dear Prof. Sandahl:

I am quite certain that excluding Canada was an innocent oversight.   
And yes, I think it safe to say that the course would qualify  
students to the next level at the University of Toronto or any of the  
other Canadian universities offering Sanskrit.  One student who  
successfully completed first year Sanskrit (offered for the first  
time at South Asia Summer Language Institute this last summer),  
matriculated into third year Sanskrit at a prominent school that  
ranks among the ten US Department of Education Title VI National  
Resource Centers for South Asia.

In addition, you have brought to my attention the fact that Canadian  
students do not seem to be taking advantage of the tremendous course  
offerings of SASLI.  We have now served more than 300 students in the  
last three years and a quick (but admittedly unsystematic) search of  
the records available to me does not yield a single Canadian (I will  
ask the staff to double-check for me since the primary records are  
kept in Wisconsin and I am in North Carolina).  So perhaps you can  
help us by advertising our programs and encouraging other Canadian  
university faculty to do the same.  I will instruct our staff to send  
you printed literature as well.

We offer intensive elementary and intermediate Bangla/Bengali,  
Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Nepali, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu,  
Tibetan, and Urdu in an eight week course that is the equivalent of  
an academic year.  We plan to add Sinhala next year, and possibly  
Punjabi.  It should also be noted that students (from any country)  
may qualify for partial financial aid, especially in undersubscribed  

Please look at our website: for more  

We redirect our Pashtu students to the University of Indiana's summer  

Students who wish to study in the subcontinent and/or have reached  
the advanced levels, we refer to the American Institute of Indian  
Studies (, to the Berkeley Urdu Language  
Program in Pakistan (currently operating in Lucknow in collaboration  
with the AIIS because of government restrictions in Pakistan:  http:// and http://www.pakistanstudies-  We anticipate a new program  
to be launched by the American Institute of Bangladesh Studies for  
studying Bangla, perhaps as early as  this coming summer 2006.

We also serve as a clearing house for information regarding other  
summer language programs, whether regular or one off.  We invite and  
are happy to disseminate any information about other programs in the  
US, Canada, or the rest of the world.

Also please note that the South Asia Summer Language Institute is an  
independent educational cooperative of the ten US Department of  
Education's Title VI NRCs that is hosted by the University of  
Wisconsin.  Ongoing faculty instruction in second language  
acquisition and classroom pedagogy and evaluation is directed by the  
South Asia Language Resource Center located at the University of  
Chicago (

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or the  
SASLI offices.

All the best,

Tony K. Stewart
Chair, Board of Trustees, and Executive Director
South Asia Summer Language Institute
Professor of South Asian Religions and Literatures
Dept. of Philosophy and Religion
Box 8103
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC 27695-8103 USA
ph. 919.515.6335
email <tony_stewart at>

On Jan 28, 2006, at 8:53 PM, Stella Sandahl wrote:

> I am somewhat surprised that the advertised Sanskrit courses do not  
> seem to
> qualify students to take Intermediate or Advanced Sanskrit in  
> Canada. Or do
> you believe that Canada is just one of the United States? (The latter
> happens frequently - Ronald Reagan called Canada "Acidrainia - a  
> totally
> owned US subsidiary").
> Best
> Stella Sandahl
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> on 01/28/2006 14:01,  Whitney Cox at wmcox at UCHICAGO.EDU wrote:
>> Dear friends,
>> I'm forwarding the following to the list on behalf of my
>> colleague Ethan Kroll.
>> Best,
>> Whitney Cox
>> Dear All:
>> I ask that you encourage any interested parties to
>> consider taking elementary or intermediate Sanskrit at the
>> University of Wisconsin-Madison's South Asia Summer Language
>> Institute from June 19 to August 11, 2006.
>> Elementary Sanskrit will provide a knowledge of Sanskrit
>> sufficient to permit students to enter any Second-Year
>> Sanskrit course in the United States or Europe.
>> Intermediate Sanskrit will endow students with the ability
>> to enter any Third-Year Sanskrit course in the United States
>> or Europe.
>> For further information and online registration please go to:
>> Best,
>> Ethan Kroll
>> University of Chicago

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