Jainism and Society: 8th Jaina Studies Workshop at SOAS March 23-24

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Sun Jan 29 12:05:00 UTC 2006

8th Jaina Studies Workshop: Jainism and Society
School of Oriental and African Studies, 23rd-24th March 2006

The 6th Annual Jain Lecture 
Thursday 23rd March 2006, 18.00-19.30, Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre

Johannes Bronkhorst (University of Lausanne) 
Jainism, window on early India

Friday 24th March 2006, SOAS, 9.00, Russell Square, Brunei Gallery Lecture 

Satya Ranjan Banerjee (University of Calcutta)
Jain society in the reigns of Jain kings

Robert J. Del Bonta (San Francisco)
> From Herodotus to the late 18th century: Descriptions of unidentified 

Peter Flügel (SOAS)
Jaina law and the Jaina community

Julia Hegewald (University of Heidelberg)
Domes, tombs and minarets: Islamic influences on Jaina architecture

Dharma Chandra Jain (University of Jodhpur)
The concept of society in Jainism

Ravindra K. Jain (JNU, New Delhi)
Religious response to social unrest: 
The rise of the Kanji Svami Panth in contemporary Jainism

Sushil Jain (Assumption University, Windsor/Ontario)
Jaina contribution to the science of polity with respect to Somadeva's 

Kornelius Krümpelmann (University of Münster)		
The Sthana?gasutra: An encyclopaedic text of the Svetambara canon

Werner Menski (SOAS)
Jainism as natural law

Hampa Padmanabaiah Nagarajaiah (University of Bangalore)
The concept of Sastradana in Jainism: Socio-cultural dimensions

Ulrich Oberdiek (Freiburg)
Caste identity of the Agravals in an Uttaranchal market town 

Jitendra B. Shah (L.D. Institute of Indology Ahmedabad)
Jain Societies in Ahmedabad

Anne Vallely (University of Ottawa)
You are what you eat: Negotiations of identity among contemporary Jains



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