flattering metaphors ...

Richard Salomon rsalomon at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
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I don't know of any such offhand, but if there is, a likely source would be 
Ksemendra's satires.

Rich Salomon

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> The following request reached the Indology
> Committee, I forward it to the list.
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> Dear Committee,
> I am a Ph. D. candidate at Columbia University,
> Italian Department. I am
> writing a dissertation on Dante's Inferno and I
> would need the help of
> the scholars of your forum. As you know in
> Dante's Hell we find very
> explicit images and expressions. I would need to
> know if in Oriental
> languages (especially Sanskrit) you find any
> equivalent of the vulgar
> contumely addressed to flatters that we find in
> all Europena languages,
> which associate the act of flattering to
> excrements (brown noser, leche
> cul, lame culos, Arschkriecher etc.) After a long
> search I found a carme
> from Catullus (98) which uses the expression
> "culos lingere" applied to
> a "verbosus"  man. This is a great piece of
> evidence that the expression
> existed in Latin in association to flattery and
> that it is indeed
> ancient. But I don't know if any similar
> expression exists in Greek,
> Sanskrit or Oriental languages. Sanskrit would be
> of the highest
> importance for me. Do you happen to know about
> the existence of a such
> an expression? Any help would be most
> appreciated!!!!!
> Thank you very much in advance.
> Daniela Castelli
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