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Sun Jul 24 14:43:17 UTC 2005

Tulasidasa, 1532-1623. Ramayana [microform]. Calcutta, 1810. 101, 83, 
21, 9, 17, 39, 44 p. ; 4to. Each book has a separate pagination.; 
Missing t.p.; Master microform held by: British Library.; Microfilm. 
London : British Library, 1992. On 1 microfilm reel with other items : 
negative ; 35mm. (SAMP 19th-century Hindi project); In Hindi.
Poetry; Mythological
In: Hindi Record no. 11145 ; British Library shelfmark 279/49.M.3 & 

Tulasidasa. Ramayana, also called Ramacharitamanasa. Cawnpore, 1832. 
336 p. ; 4vo. An epic poem, in seven books or kandas, on the life of 
Rama, based on the Sanskrit epic of Valmiki.; Lithographed edition.
Poetry - Religious and Mythological.
In: Hindi Record no. 24825 ; British Library shelfmark 14158.g.19.

On Jul 24, 2005, at 8:38 AM, Valerie J Roebuck wrote:

> I would be grateful for information about a copy of the Tulsi Ramayana 
> that was shown to me yesterday.  It is a book of Western type, nicely 
> bound with what the owner, a bookbinder, recognizes as a typical 
> Indian binding.  The spine has RAMAYANA in gold lettering in Roman 
> script.  The paper is heavy, and watermarked MCE 1830.  The text is in 
> a Devanagari script so small and neat that the owner is convinced that 
> it must be printed.  I am almost equally convinced that it is 
> handwritten.
> Is anyone familiar with books of this type?  For that matter, when was 
> the first printed edition of this work produced?
> If it would be helpful, I will try to take a photograph.
> Valerie J Roebuck
> Manchester, UK

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