Unicode (WORD 2004, etc.) issues

Stuart Ray Sarbacker s-sarbacker at NORTHWESTERN.EDU
Thu Dec 29 19:49:38 UTC 2005

Dear All,

Elizabeth Callahan suggested that opening the custom dictionary in 
Wordpad and saving it as a unicode text document solved the problems 
with adding Unicode in windows versions of WORD. I tried the same 
solution on the Mac by opening the custom dictionary with TextEdit, 
and saving it as a Unicode UTF-16 document (UTF-8 did not work) and 
it appears to have largely solved the problem (I can add romanized 
Sanskrit terms with diacritics to the custom dictionary saving 
inestimable time).

Many thanks to Elizabeth for this.

Now I feel much better about those two wasted hours on hold with 
Microsoft listening to what was possibly the worst "muzak" I have 
ever been forced to listen to!

As for general Unicode support on Mac, as far as I am aware, most 
people are using either the U of Washington Gandhari Unicode font or 
the Times Extended Roman font, and the Easyunicode Keyboard (which 
makes typing with Unicode fonts a breeze, esp. in WORD). Links to 
these fonts and keyboards can be found at:


Best Wishes,

Dr. Stuart Sarbacker
Lecturer in Religion
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Religion
Northwestern University

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