WORD 2004 custom dictionary

James L. Fitzgerald jlfitzgerald at COMCAST.NET
Thu Dec 29 14:05:37 UTC 2005


The same problem plagued me with Word 2000 and 2003. After many failed 
attempts to get any help on this from Microsoft, I finally came up with 
this solution (for the Windows platform): Open and edit the "text" file 
custom.dic with a "text editor," convert the file's font to Unicode and 
save it. I used Windows' built-in text editor Notepad for this, which, I 
was surprised to learn, had acquired Unicode capability at some point. 
Make sure that either Office is not running when you do this edit, or 
that you have temporarily "removed" the custom.dic file from the 
"dictionary list." Once this font-change was made to custom.dic, the 
dictionary began to work fine with all unicode character words as well 
as the non-unicode ones. I hope this works on the Apple platform as well.

Best wishes to all for a Happy New Year, Jim Fitzgerald
University of Tennessee

Stuart Ray Sarbacker wrote:

> Colleagues,
> I apologize for the cross-posting if you have seen this query already.
> I am wondering if anyone has discerned how to add words in Unicode 
> font (especially Times Extended Roman) to a/the custom dictionary on 
> Microsoft Word 2004 (OS X). I know this has been an issue for others 
> given conversations I have had recently. WORD 2004 does not seem to 
> allow adding such words, stating that either the dictionary is full 
> (it is not) or that the word contains "non-roman" characters.
> If anyone has figured out how to get around this, I would be very 
> grateful to hear, as I'm sure others would.
> Best Wishes,

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