lac insect

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lac insect

Small plant-sucking insect related to scale insects and mealy bugs.
The females of most species lack legs and have reduced antennae;
their bodies are globular and enclosed within a dense resinous
secretion called lac. Lac insects are found mainly in the tropics and

  Lac insects are members of the family Lacciferidae, order Hemiptera
(suborder Homoptera), class Insecta, phylum Arthropoda.

A number of species have two generations annually, in which two types
of males occur: the first generation includes both winged and
wingless males; the second generation is wingless.

Many species used to be of considerable commercial value, as they
yield a dye. However, with the advent of synthetic dyes the demand
for lac insects has decreased.

The Indian lac insect, Laccifer lacca, produces stick lac, a
secretion from which shellac (used in varnishes and polishes) is


>Dear Colleagues,
>I have seen the Indian lac insect (that produces the lac resin)
>identified by various zoological names:  Laccifer lacca (= Tachardia
>lacca), Kerria lac Kerr, Coccus lacca, Carteria lacca.  Does anyone
>know which of these is the most recently accepted name among
>zoologists/entomologists?  Or can you point me to an authoritative
>John Brockington
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