Punlication of Upasana-cintamani

Rasik Vihari Joshi Tripathi jrasik at COLMEX.MX
Wed Oct 20 16:59:01 UTC 2004

It is my pleasure to announce the publication of the fourth volume in two parts of my work "Upaasanaa-cintaamani"(Gem of Meditation) in four volumes eight parts. The fourth volume is an edition of the Gopaalaarcana-candrikaa by Laksmi Nath Bhatta (17th century).  It includes the edition of the sanskrit text, English and Hindi translation and copious notes and introduction. The previous volumes of the Upaasanaa-citaamani are as follows:
Vol.1 in two parts Mantra-prayoga (Application of the Mantras)
Vol.2 in two parts Kavaca-rahasyam (Secret of the Kavacas)
Vol.3 in two parts Sabiija-Gopaala-sahasra-naama thousand Names of Gopaala-Krsna with Naamaavalii.
The book is available with Caukhamba Sanskrit Prakashan, Delhi

Rasik Vihari Joshi

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