Belvalkar's Uttararaamacarita

Csaba Dezso csaba_dezso at YAHOO.CO.UK
Mon Oct 18 18:13:20 UTC 2004

Dear colleagues,
I would like to ask your help in the following matter: Prof. Belvalkar
published in the HOS the English translation of the Uttararaamacarita
(no. 21, 1915). In the preface he says that this this would be the
first of three volumes, the third being a "Critical account of the
critical apparatus". There is also a note saying that "His manuscript
material for Part 3 and his books were dispatched by the steamship
Fangturm, which is now (June, 1915) interned at the port of the
Balearic Islands. That material included his collation-sheets, which
give the readings of the various codices of this drama. On account of
the great difficulty of getting those codices together again, it seems
best to await the release of the steamship."

In 1921 Prof. Belvalkar's edition of the URC was published as No. 30 of
the Poona Oriental Series. This is a "text only" version, with no
critical annotation. He says in the Prastaavanaa:
"ava"si.s.ta.m daladvaya.m [i.e. the remaining two vols. promised in
the HOS translation] tv adyaapi prakaa"situ.m na paaritam, yato mahataa
pari" mayaa sa.mkalitaa tatsa.mpaadanasaamagrii yayaa
baa.spanaukayaatra pre.sitaa saa nau.h "satrupak.siiyatvaat
pratyagrapra" de"saad de"sa.m
"sara.naac ca sapotabhaara.m bambhramyamaa.naa duradhigamaa
durj~neeyagatisa.mcaaraa caasiit. na caasiit pratyaa"saa yathaa taa.m
prakaa"sanasaamagrii.m bhuuyo labheyeti. athaapi pa~ncebhyo maasebhya.h
praak saakhilaa saamagrii mama hasta.m pratyaagateti pramodaavaha.m
nivedaniiyam. yati.sye cedaaniim sa.mkalpitasya

Now I couldn't find any trace of an edition by Prof. Belvalkar of his
critical notes and other annotations. Could anyone possibly tell me if
such an edition exists at all, or if these notes are accessible
somewhere? I should be grateful for any help.
Thank you in advance,

Csaba Dezso
Assistant Lecturer in Sanskrit
Department of Indo-European Studies
ELTE University, Budapest, Hungary

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