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For simple Devanagari instruction, see the following sites:

The Sanskrit Library has developed animations showing the sequence of 
strokes in drawing each character at:
On the reading room page, under "Instructional Materials", click on 
"Devanýgar“ characters".  The access page shows the characters in 
alphabetic order, with the vowels listed twice, first as independent 
characters, then as diacritics on the character k.  Click on any 
character to view its animation.  Click the right arrow to play or 
replay it.
Another site displaying Devanýgar“ character animations is:
This site shows alternative shapes of characters for a, ý, Á, È, and 
jha not shown at the first site.

Stephan Baums and Andrew Glass have covered the Unicode standard and 
transcoding programs in their messages.  The Sanskrit Library has 
developed comprehensive phonetic encoding schemes (in contrast to 
input methods, Roman transliterations, etc.) for Sanskrit with 
conversion routines to each other and to Unicode.  The Basic phonetic 
encoding scheme is posted at  The purpose of 
phonetic encoding schemes is to represent Sanskrit sounds in a manner 
to simplify linguistic processing.

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