SV: Devanagari

John Huntington huntington.2 at OSU.EDU
Mon Nov 1 17:50:03 UTC 2004

Devanagari comes with OS10.   All one has to do is install the
selected Indic languages on the system install disk. I am sure that
it does not have everything for Classical Sanskrit, but it is a
start. Some Mac also use Unicode



The fonts are terribly boting however.
>Are there any plans to produce a version for Apple Mac?
>There still seem to be no freeware or shareware Devanagari fonts for
>Mac with all the ligatures for Sanskrit.  Even xdvng lacks some
>extremely common ones.  (At least, I've never worked out how to make
>it write kta or cca in their Sanskrit forms.)  I have found similar
>problems with the older version of Itrans for Mac, and the Mac's own
>Indian Language Kit.  The latter also seems to conflict with some of
>the Mac's other software.
>This is something of a perennial quest, but has anyone found anything
>useful that has been created recently?
>Valerie J Roebuck
>Manchester, UK
>>Stefan Baums pointed me to the list in this publication:
>>It has been written by Ulrich Stiehl. The list runs from p. 28.
>>But it would of course be wonderful if the ligatures and everything you ever
>>wanted to know about Devanagari but were afraid to ask, were available on a
>>web page.
>>Lars Martin

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