stock phrase about men?

Martin Delhey mdelhey at YAHOO.COM
Sat Mar 13 11:35:49 UTC 2004

--- Stephen Hodge
> Just an after-thought on what I wrote here:
> > So here we are back in the realm of the overtly
> sexual.
> It occurs to me that in the context of these eight
> means of binding men, the
> sudden mention of a rather sexually explicit item
> seems a bit out of
> context, a rather sudden "gear-change" as it were,
> Richard Mahoney's
> collection of passages nonwithstanding.

I definitely agree with you. Therefore, we are even
unable to take for granted that the mUlasarvAstivAda
term vra.nabhanga was understood in this way, let
alone the original word underlying vra.nabhanga.
The discussion confirmed my impression that the
evidence we have is not sufficient to solve most of
the problems I had in this context, although still
very enlightening messages are coming in.
Thanks to the many instructive and insightful remarks
by the learned members of this list, the footnote I
wrote some years ago will definitely become longer and
more substantial (and I am of course also looking
forward to reading Jonathan Silk's footnote ...). I
hope to publish my critical edition of the Samaahitaa
Buumi.h later this year.
Many thanks to all of you who have shared (and are
still sharing) their knowledge with me both on the
list and off-list. I shall take the liberty to discuss
some of the many interesting topics mentioned further
via direct communication with
some of you. Unfortunately, my schedule is rather
tight at the moment; so please be patient.

Martin Delhey

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