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Sat Feb 14 17:07:35 UTC 2004

> These observations do not address later methods of rendering makaras.
> Over time they in great ornamental arrays. One of these, by the
> fifteenth century artist Jivarama was drawn in the N.S. 555 (1435)
> sketchbook (now in the S. K. Neotia Collection) and was included as
> part of a throne back  to Rakta Ganapati that he painted for Peljor
> Sangpo at Gyantse. See Dina's and my Circle of Bliss Catalog, pp
> 495-7 or at:
Going to the web page to see this magnificent picture and the makaras, I
note that in this case they are spouting live lotuses from their tails
instead of their mouths that seem to support some kind of bird (the
resolution is not clear enough to discern more than that). It also looks as
though the deities just above their mouths are meant to be seen as having
been ejected from their mouths? or not?
Joanna Kirkpatrick

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