John Huntington huntington.2 at OSU.EDU
Sat Feb 14 18:11:36 UTC 2004

Our web person was in doing some work today and said he could put up
the makaras on Monday.

I'll Put up a detail of the Rakta Ganesh one with a detailed explanation.


>  > These observations do not address later methods of rendering makaras.
>>  Over time they in great ornamental arrays. One of these, by the
>>  fifteenth century artist Jivarama was drawn in the N.S. 555 (1435)
>>  sketchbook (now in the S. K. Neotia Collection) and was included as
>>  part of a throne back  to Rakta Ganapati that he painted for Peljor
>>  Sangpo at Gyantse. See Dina's and my Circle of Bliss Catalog, pp
>>  495-7 or at:
>Going to the web page to see this magnificent picture and the makaras, I
>note that in this case they are spouting live lotuses from their tails
>instead of their mouths that seem to support some kind of bird (the
>resolution is not clear enough to discern more than that). It also looks as
>though the deities just above their mouths are meant to be seen as having
>been ejected from their mouths? or not?
>Joanna Kirkpatrick

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