Vedic accent marks and anusvaras

Stefan Baums baums at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Sat Jul 5 17:00:56 UTC 2003

I would like to thank Timothy C. Cahill, Arlo Griffiths, Harry
Spier and Peter M. Scharf for their suggestions and references on
Vedic accents and anusvaras/anunasikas.  The introduction to
Vishva Bandhu's Vedic Word Concordance is indeed a good first stop
for the former: more comprehensive and accurate than Macdonell's
appendix.  What still remains unclear to me is the issue of Vedic
anusvaras/anunasikas.  While it is obvious that the different
Vedic traditions have developed many visually distinct and
fanciful ways of marking nasalisation, I wonder whether in any one
version of a given Vedic texts, more than two functionally
distinct nasalisation graphemes occur, and if so, how to interpret
them phonetically.

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Stefan Baums

Stefan Baums
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