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I suppose the text you have in mind is the VibhaktyarthanirNaya of GiridharabhaTTa.  This text was edited by Jivanatha Misra and published in 1901-2 in the Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series, Banaras vol. 12,  (Fascicules 39, 41, 44, 48, and 54), pp. 477.  My copy is too brittle to make a photocopy from.  I am sure you will be able to find this book in a number of libraries in India.  Best wishes,

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> Dear friends,
>              Any body can give me the details and availability of the book
> Vibhaktyarthacintanam written by Girirdharabhatta.According to the details
> got to me thisw book belongs to the nyaya school of Philosophy.It discuses
> the meaning of the seven cases in Nyaya view.
>         I would ike to get acoppy of the book ( Printed / xerox ) or the
> manuscript of the book.If any body knows any details regading the book
> please convey it to me
>                                 Thanking you
>                                 Jaganadh.G
>                                e-mail-navadipanyaya at
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