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Subject: CSX+ Encoding and other Encodings used by Indologists

Re: CSX+ Encoding and other Encodings used by Indologists

I think the fact that so few copies of the new CSX+  fonts were downloaded
versus downloads of itranslator99 may give a false impression that CSX+
encoding is not being used anymore.  My own experience has been that in
practice (at least for english and sanskrit) Dr. Smiths fonts work problem
free.  I've been using them for years now in all versions of WORD and
WINDOWS (including 2000 and XP)and QUARKXPRESS without any problems .
(Except for the strange fact that CSX+ m with under-dot in a QUARKXPRESS
file when exported to a PDF file or printer with an Adobe driver is changed
to u with umlaut.  But in this case I think this is a QUARKXPRESS bug, since
when exported to WORD etc. there is no problem, or in printing if the
printer has a non-Adobe driver installed there again is no problem.) I don't
use the characters that have now been indicated as problematic and I'm
wondering how often in practice these would be used by Indologists.  Of
course the "u" with umlaut would be used with German.  The only time I see
"c" with curlyque underneath is in reprints of some 19th century books
(Whitneys grammar etc.).  How often in practice do indologists use grave or
acute accents?  (I'm only familiar with Taittiriya accents where I use
single straight quote, double straight quote [dirgha svarita], and
underline.).  My own impression was that (at least in terms of on-line
texts) CSX+ was the most common diacritical encoding.  I suspect that
Itranslator99 is used mainly for its VERY USER FRIENDLY conversion of ITRANS
to Devanagari.  In this case also I had the impression that for Windows
XDVNG was the more common devanagari encoding (at least for on-line texts).


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