CSX+ Encoding and other Encodings used by Indologists (fwd)

Stefan Baums sbaums at GMX.NET
Tue Nov 26 01:33:29 UTC 2002

To be even more precise: _all_ characters needed for the
transliteration of post-Vedic Sanskrit are available in Unicode in
precombined form.  Only for some characters with Vedic accent markings
are combining diacritics necessary.  (This is a white lie: a combining
diacritic is also needed for the encoding of upper-case jihvamuliya,
but surely that should not stop us.)  I enclose complete varnamalas
below.  This email is Unicode-encoded, so if your software supports
Unicode and is configured correctly you will be able to cut-and-paste
the characters from this email to other programs, save the email and
open it in your word processor, etc.

   a ā i ī u ū ṛ ṝ ḷ ḹ e o ai au
   ṃ ṁ ḥ ẖ ḫ
   k kh g gh ṅ
   c ch j jh ñ
   ṭ ṭh ḍ ḍh ṇ
   t th d dh n
   p ph b bh m
   y r l v
   ś ṣ s

   á �  ā́ ā̀ í ì ī́ ī̀ ú ù ū́ ū̀ ṛ́ ṛ̀ ṝ́ ṝ̀ ḷ́ ḷ̀ ḹ́ ḹ̀ é è ái � i ó ò áu � u

   A Ā I Ī U Ū Ṛ Ṝ Ḷ Ḹ E O AI AU
   Ṃ Ṁ Ḥ H̱ Ḫ
   K KH G GH Ṅ
   C CH J JH Ñ
   Ṭ ṬH Ḍ ḌH Ṇ
   T TH D DH N
   P PH B BH M
   Y R L V
   Ś Ṣ S

   Á À Ā́ Ā̀ Í Ì Ī́ Ī̀ Ú Ù Ū́ Ū̀ Ṛ́ Ṛ̀ Ṝ́ Ṝ̀ Ḷ́ Ḷ̀ Ḹ́ Ḹ̀ É È ÁI ÀI Ó Ò ÁU ÀU

Best regards,
Stefan Baums

PS.  "Combining diacritic" means that e.g. ī́ (long i with acute
accent) is encoded in two parts: a long i followed by a combining
acute accent.  With the right font technology, the acute accent will
automatically be positioned correctly on top of the long i, so that
the user need not concern himself at all with this technicality.

Stefan Baums
Asian Languages and Literature
University of Washington

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