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Wed May 29 22:10:40 UTC 2002

Dear All,

I'm trying to find were the main Skt Mss of "Saantideva's
Bodhicaryaavataara have gone to ground.

Minayeff[1] and de La Vallée Poussin[2] seem to suggest that these Mss
are holed up in the India Office of the British Library and perhaps
the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

The Mss I am after are:

 Minayeff -- L1

 La Vall'ee Poussin -- Devanaagari 78 (Dev.)
                    -- Burnouf 98 (Burn.)

These Mss may be mentioned in Mitra[3], Cowell & Eggeling[4], &
Filliozat[4]. Unfortunately, I've only a limited number of
Ms. catalogues to hand and none of these.

The upshot is that I've been searching:

and;jsessionid \

This has proved fruitless 8-(

I'm at a bit of a loss about what to do next. Does anyone have any

Many regards,

 Richard Mahoney 

[1] Minayeff, I P, `,Caantideva: ``Bodhicaryaavataara'' ', _ZVOIRAO_
IV (1890), pp. 153--154.

[2] La Vallée Poussin, L de, _Praj~naakaramati's Commentary to the
`Bodhicaryaavataara' of ,Caantideva_ (Calcutta: Asiatic Society of
Bengal, 1901--1914), Bibliotheca Indica 983, Fasciculus I,

[3] Mitra, Ra'jendrala'la, The Sanskrit Buddhist Literature of Nepal:
A systematic catalogue of the collection of MSS. presented to the
Society by Brian H. Hodgson (Calcutta, 1882; repr. Calcutta, 1971)

[4] Cowell, E B, & Eggeling, J, Catalogue of Buddhist Sanskrit
 manuscripts in the possession of the Royal Asiatic Society
 (Hodgson Collection)(London: Royal Asiatic Society, 1876)

[5] Filliozat, Jean, Bibliothèque nationale (France), Département des
manuscrits, Catalogue du fonds sanscrit (Paris: Adrien-Maisonneuve,
1941 etc.)

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